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How to Plan Your Special Event Cruise

4th of July Edgartown Fireworks Charter

Have you ever considered booking a special event cruise? They always sound so fun, but the planning can seem daunting. However, we’re here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be! We have a guide to navigate you through the planning of your special event cruise, whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, wedding reception, or any other occasion.

Chart Your Course

Selecting the ideal cruise is akin to finding that perfect piece of pie in a vast, tempting dessert buffet—it needs to resonate with your palate! Reflect on the essence of your voyage: Is it a whisper of romance on the high seas, a jubilant celebration of a significant milestone, or perhaps a journey of discovery themed around your deepest passions? When choosing the decor, food, and entertainment for your cruise, consider the vibe you’re aiming for and keep that in mind for every choice you make.

Deals and Packages

Enticed by the allure of opulence but tethered by a budget? Don’t worry! We offer a variety of packages that can appeal to every budget. You can change the time of day, length, destination, and activities that happen on your cruise to help ensure you’re able to work within your budget.

Be vigilant for early bird specials that reward the prompt, group discounts that favor the collective, and seasonal promotions that add a dash of sweetness to your sea-bound soiree. These savings will ensure your special event on the waves is as enriching as it is economical.

Before You Set Sail


Mastering the packing list for your cruise is akin to painting a masterpiece — each detail adds to the bigger picture. Besides the must-haves like your passport, boarding passes, and sunblock, let’s get into the really cool stuff about your trip. Think about all those unique moments waiting for you. Will there be a Captain’s Gala or a Hawaiian luau? Don’t forget to pack some snazzy outfits for those themed nights and fancy dinners. You’ll want to look as dazzling as the events themselves!

Tuck in gear for those spur-of-the-moment adventures, whether that’s snorkeling gear for a dive or hiking boots for an exploration ashore. And, as the seasoned sailor knows, seasickness remedies are your best friend — because it’s always smoother to sail with a solution at hand.

Setting the Tech Scene

In an era where digital presence is as vast as the ocean itself, staying connected is often seen as essential. Before casting off, make sure you have your phone or camera charged so that you’re able to capture all of the memories from your special event.

You can discuss your tech needs ahead of time with the captain so that you’ll know what kind of signal you can expect if that is something you feel you will need. Some even choose to livestream their events for those who can’t join in person!

Another piece of tech you shouldn’t neglect — the music! Consider what tunes you might want to play and how you want to handle playing them.

Book Your Voyage Now

When you’re ready to get started on planning Oak Bluffs Illuminations Fireworks Cruise your special event cruise, Plan Sea Adventure Charters is here to help. We aren’t just your average charter company — our captains have US Coast Guard Masters licenses, so you can always rest assured that you and all of your friends and loved ones are safe on board. We’re committed to your safety and enjoyment, and making sure your cruise not just meets but exceeds your every expectation. From personalized service and planning to tailor-made itineraries, your special event cruise will be special indeed when you book with Plan Sea Adventure Charters.

Whether you’re dreaming of a leisurely day soaking in the sun’s embrace, a romantic evening painting memories against the backdrop of a setting sun, or a celebration that bubbles with joy, At Plan Sea Adventure Charters, we are your gateway to the extraordinary. Offering an array of private cruisesDay Time, Sunset, Special Event, and Bachelorette Party—each is a canvas awaiting your unique touch. Our 18-passenger boat rental is available for tours and parties to and from Cotuit and Falmouth in Cape Cod & Edgartown and Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard.

The sea is calling, and adventure beckons. Book your passage into the extraordinary today!