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Boating with a Baby

BinnyFamSmallI received this great question from KS in Ireland today:

Hi there, we are looking for a charter somewhere between 3rd and 5th July.  We’re not sure what we are looking for as we have a little girl who will be 22 months at the time, so it would have to be something to suit her really!   You might let me know if you have any availability for that time and if so, some suggestions if possible.  We would be looking for at least 3 hr charter.

Thanks so much.


Cork, Ireland

And here’s my response:


I’d love to plan a trip with your family. Will you being staying on Martha’s Vineyard? You won’t want to miss the Edgartown 4th of July parade. We should confirm that it will in fact be held on Monday the 4th this year. Also there’s a big fireworks display as well. I’d suggest Sunday the July 5th.

The boat is a fine and safe activity for your baby. I have baby life vests from when my kids were babies. We can minimize the bouncing around. I’d recommend an Edgartown pickup if you’re staying on the island. We can cruise around the harbor looking at and discussing the beautiful waterfront estates and yachts. We might be able to sneak around Chappaquiddick Island to the other side where grey seals like to warm up and rest in the sun.  There are pretty isolated beaches on the way where I can drop you off on the beach for some exploration. If the seas aren’t cooperative on that side of the island, we can always go from Edgartown to Poge Bay (always very calm) and Oak Bluffs. You could make a stop in Oak Bluffs to ride one of the oldest merry-go-rounds in America. Also, you could bring sandwiches from Humphreys and have lunch on the boat.

There is plenty to do and I’m sure we’ll be able to have lots of fun with the baby. You just need to reserve the date and time. We could probably be pretty flexible on the time this far in advance. Let me know.


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